Welcome to my blog! I’m Molly: a graphic designer by day, a dreamer, a mess-maker, a night owl, an antique-lover, a foodie, an eternal optimist and a dancer. I live for being artsy, craftsy, making and eating good food, and anything vintage or retro. I have an amazing husband who loves spending time in the kitchen just as much as I do, though most of his energies focus on baking bread. Which works out quite well, since I don’t really have the patience for the more precise process of bread-baking.

Developing a Pattern originated as the title of my senior art show in college, when I displayed photographs of people wearing multiple patterns and prints… I know, what a pun. It has now come to describe my process to try to develop habits that provide for creative outlets in my everyday routine and encompasses everything from food, to DIY projects, to style, to design.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you find something that strikes your fancy.

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