Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Trip to Italy

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So this is really old news, but I turned 25 in Italy earlier this summer. (I also turned 20 in Italy, so I'm just planning on making it an every 5 year thing for life, of course.) Now, let me say that I had a ton of fun, exciting blog posts prepared at the beginning of the summer before my little hiatus, and I will spare you the "Yay, it's summer: let's grill!" and "Whoo hoo for cold drinks!" posts. Maybe next year. But, I would like to share a bit of this trip, as a little trip diary if nothing else. Then, my friends, we will forge ahead into fall together. In the meantime, let's soak up some Italian sun.

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Right after Andy went to China, graduated with his MBA, and we bought a house (which all happened within two weeks), we left for Italy. Two weeks of amazing food, good wine and relaxed days were just what we needed after that insane few weeks. We spent most of our time in the small, picturesque village of Urbania.

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We ate good food. A lot and often. The meat and cheese was such good quality wherever you went. The pasta was homemade more often than not. And the pizza was thin, crispy and topped ever so lightly with any combination of ingredients you could imagine. Is there something called "too-much-of-ridiculously-delicious-and-rich-food syndrome?" Yes, because I think I had it. I would probably double in size if I lived there.

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The scenery leading to Urbania was stunning. And though, unfortunately, it was raining and in the 50s-60s most days (in May and June!), I could have just walked around outside all day long and stared at the rolling hills. I promise that is not as boring and weird as it sounds.

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Though we were in a little town for the most part, we took plenty of day trips to places like Florence and Milan. We took a cooking class, conversational Italian classes daily, visited 2 Ferrari museums, a vineyard, a balsamic vinegar operation that went back generations, saw all sorts of cathedrals, sat around bonfires and drank wine at noon. It felt leisurely, but we packed a lot of living in.

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We stayed in this amazing house right right on a little river. You can see you had to walk down steps to get to it. It was recently remodeled and fairly Americanized, (so hopefully we weren't cheating too much on the traditional Italian experience).

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The little road leading to the house was filled with flowers, just like all the little streets there. People sat out in their lawn chairs and chatted as we walked by. The fact that neither of us spoke each other's language was really pretty irrelevant.

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Oh, and check out me cutting my birthday cake: a Nutella gelato cake. Did you get that? A NUTELLA GELATO cake. Yes, it was as good as it sounds. OK, maybe I could break the trend and go back before I'm turning 30... I mean, if I had to.

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