Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!

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Welcome to my brand-spankin' new blog!! Things have been a little nuts and it's been about 890732490 years since I have even written a post, but I'm baaaack.

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As an overview, in the last 12 months, Andy and I got married, I quit my job, I started a freelance business, we bought a house, Andy went to China, graduated with his MBA, and we traveled to Italy. So, basically we're planning to not do anything for like the next 3 years. Except for completely renovate the fixer-upper we just moved into. There's that. Get prepared for some DIY posts out the wazoo.

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Over the past year, in addition to learning how look for and buy a dream house, becoming an entrepreneur and figuring out how to overcome the overwhelming urge to sign my maiden name by accident for months, I've spent a few minutes or hours here and there over the past few months revamping this blog. I've learned some very (emphasis on the very) basic coding solutions and have been able to customize it quite a bit more. It's still a work in progress, but I think this will do just fine for now.

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This blog started as a means to keep track of recipes I made up and wanted to remember. But recently it's really begun to grow into something more than that. And I need to step it up, folks. I go weeks without posting and I'm still getting hundreds of views a day. (Like over 600 sometimes— Pinterest is an amazing traffic driver!)  It's really exciting to have strangers let me know they tried my recipe out on their family and it was a total hit. I have people tell me quite often how much they enjoy reading these posts. And I enjoy writing them.

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So, without further ado, welcome to the new-and-improved site. Thanks for reading along! Oh, and don't worry, all my old posts have been moved over here, too.

P.S. I'll have a "real" post really soon, I promise.

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