Saturday, November 24, 2012

Miss Swiss

Well, it's cold out. Official sweater weather, if you will. Which I suppose is acceptable since we've now passed Thanksgiving. So, sweaters ahead!

This is one of my favorite winter sweaters because it hits all the important requirements: warm and practical, classic but fun. The black and white pattern gives this a timeless winter-y look while the shoulder frills make it a bit more of a statement piece.

Black skinny jeans are the perfect neutral item to set the sweater off. But, just when you're worrying that too much black and white is getting boring, there's a pop of green in these fun moccasins I picked up. Whew. Shoot, count my hair color in and I'm downright festive.

And when the cold, dry weather hits, my hair has a tendency to look like I put my finger in an electrical socket after taking off my scarf and coat. Haphazardly pinning up braids is a fun way to keep the hair in check. It's a simple play on Swiss braids. I feel like between the updo and the sweater, I should be running round the Alps or at least drinking some hot cocoa.

Sweater: Modcloth, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Modcloth

Happy sweater weather!

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